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Are there "ANGELS", INVESTORS and "VENTURE CAPITALISTS" for Lotteries?


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We know there are "ANGELS" and "VENTURE Capitalists" who like to INVEST in promising businesses for the future. Businesses in any segment where they can see growth potential or returns well above the average of traditional markets such as Stock Exchanges, Real Estate, Fixed Income, etc.


Now the question: Are there not "ANGELS", INVESTORS and "VENTURE CAPITALISTS" who can believe and participate in a "business" connected to lotteries?


For me, this is a promising field for potential Investors and for researchers and people who like to study lottery behavior.

The increasing use of new analytical and predictability technologies (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, etc.), the availability of computer resources and specialized software for these areas show the potential of its application in lotteries around the world.


Experts in Artificial Intelligence, Statisticians and Mathematicians will always say that you can not predict lottery results. And they may be scientifically right.


The proposal here is different: TO FORECAST/PREDICT  BEHAVIORS (Characteristics and known attributes from the results history) that may be possible to be predicted. Examples:


Quantity of Prime Numbers in the Next Draw

Quantity of Repeated Numbers from previous draw (s)

Quantity of Numbers Most Frequent in Different  Draw Ranges

Quantity of Numbers Most Due (Longest Delay) in Different Draw Ranges

Etc. etc ...


In over 20 years of studying and researching the draw results from various lotteries (Brazilian, US, Canada, European, Australian, etc.), we can say that it is possible to generate very few lottery lines with substantial prizes and even with the highest prizes (Jackpots??), using between 10 and 15 correctly predicted attributes. Predictions should be made by specialized software.


Predicting values for a few behaviors in each lottery should be the goal of lottery students and investors in lotteries. In order to generate lottery lines that meet the expected characteristics.


We already have the data and the software systems that can help generate a few lottery lines to be played. However, we still need more studies, lottery datasets and models that will allow us to reach those goals more quickly.


We need "LOTTERY ANGELS" and "LOTTERY Venture Capitalists" who believe and support this kind of work. In fact, we can imagine this as a highly profitable business.


With enough research time, studies and also the resources available for this job (financial, equipment, personnel) it will be a matter of little time to arrive at models and / or products aimed at a world market of lotteries, where billions of bets are made annually on hundreds of existing legal lotteries.


Where are these Investors?

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